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Amigo Friendship Volunteers

Our International Friendship Program matches an international student/scholar with a local volunteer in the community for friendship and sharing of cultures. Your support can help them in their adjustment to American life, language and culture, as well as enrich your understanding of the world.

Ways to Volunteer:


1. A Year-Long Friendship -  Meet 2-3 times over the academic year for a meal near their campus, invite them to your home, join AMIS events, or plan outings around the city.  Keep in touch monthly by text, email or phone.  Of course, you may continue your friendship beyond the program and many friendships have lasted for years! 

2.  A Short-term Intensive - Some students or scholars come to Atlanta for six weeks to a semester. 

Be their friend while they are here.

3.  Join our Events - Anyone can volunteer as a friend at any AMIS event.  Just sign up on our Events page.

4. Host an event - Invite students into your home or community. This opportunity can take many forms, from a holiday celebration, game night, sporting event, or a simple meal. This can be a large group or a small group of students.


About AMIS International Students:

The largest number of our students come from Georgia Tech, followed by Georgia State and Emory, but we also get students from Agnes Scott, Oglethorpe, Beulah Heights, Spelman, KSU, SCAD, and others.  Last year, we had 90 countries represented among the 520 students we served, and the largest numbers came from India, Pakistan, China, Nigeria and South Korea. Recently 40% of our students are coming from India.  Read this article to learn how diverse they can be. 

Amigo Volunteer Process:






Fill out the online volunteer form.  We want to get to know a little about you and your interests which will help us to match you with an international student friend.  You can indicate the types of volunteer opportunities you are interested in using this form. We also ask for 2 references who will be emailed a quick question about your ability to connect with international students.

Agree to a secure background check (the link will be emailed to you). Background checks are required once every 5 years. To read AMIS Atlanta Background Check Policy, click here.  This step helps assure the International Student and Scholar offices at the universities we partner with and the international students that our volunteers have cleared a basic background check.  

Read our Volunteer Guide and schedule a 20-minute Zoom interview with Jill Parker, our Amigo Director.  Jill will get to know you, explain the Amigo program expectations, answer any questions, and talk about your volunteer interests.

Sign up and join an Amigo Volunteer Orientation via Zoom. This is now mandatory for all new Amigo volunteers.  Jill will invite you to the next scheduled virtual orientation.

After you are matched, you will receive an email introducing you to your new Amigo international student friend. Once you've been introduced, reach out to your new friend to arrange your first meeting within a week. 

Reach out to Jill Parker at if you have any questions.

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"It is a noble thing to be able to help someone feel less isolated."


Oscar, Volunteer 

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“Through the Amigo Program, I was connected to Tom and Lisa who motivate me that everything is possible. They give me courage and they make me feel like I am home. We often communicate and sometimes meet in person which strengthens me... to extend love to others the same way I am loved."

Danson, GSU Student

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