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Amigo Friendship Partners

Our International Friendship Program matches an international student with a local volunteer in the community for friendship and sharing of cultures. Your support can help them in their adjustment to American life, language and culture, as well as enrich your understanding of the world. We ask you to meet at least once (in-person if possible) and continue your friendship over the year as you are both able. AMIS Atlanta offers support and events for Amigo partners throughout the year.

To Sign Up:





Fill out the online volunteer form.

Agree to a secure background check (will be emailed to you). Background checks are required once every 5 years. To read AMIS Atlanta Background Check Policy, click here

Read our Volunteer Guide and schedule a 10-15 minute phone call with someone on our staff. 

Receive an email introducing you to your international student friend. Reach out to.your new friend to arrange your first meeting! 


Above all, I love getting to know my Amigos. Everyone has different stories, and I've learned so much about different cultures, adjusting to the States, and how to be empathetic. I've appreciated the opportunity to make friends along the way!


Amigo Volunteer


The Amigo program is an opportunity for the students to have conversation and shared experiences with an American and the opportunity for we Americans to learn about other people, countries, and cultures.

Susie Davidson, Volunteer

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