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Christmas International House

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For over 50 years, Christmas International House (CIH) has been a unique program for international college and university students and scholars to experience friendship and hospitality with an American host community during winter break. Through CIH, international students are able to travel and explore a new international city, experience what it is like to live in an American home, and develop life-changing friendships with American and other International students.

This year, Christmas International House will be offered in St. Augustine, Florida from December 19, 2023 to January 2nd, 2024. The cost for this trip is the registration fee of $199 and does NOT include transportation costs to and from St. Augustine.  The host church is Memorial Presbyterian Church.


This is a perfect opportunity for international students without winter break plans to experience a different perspective of American culture and geography outside of Atlanta. St. Augustine is America’s oldest city, riddled with historic markers, preserved forts, and beautiful beaches! Whether celebrating Christmas is a normal part of your cultural practices or is a tradition completely foreign to you, this opportunity is open to all international students looking to more deeply experience American traditions and customs.

Since 2002, Memorial Presbyterian Church families have opened their homes and their hearts to more than eighty CIH students from twenty - one countries. And the ensuing rewards to visiting CIH students and to their many host families have been remarkable.



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To apply, click below!

What CIH Students Say:

CIH was an absolutely wonderful experience for me to feel like I had a family in Atlanta and to learn about American cultures and values.

-Enjia, Atlanta 2019

If you are an international student, and you really want to be with your family, then CIH is the only place...a family gives you love, care and friendship.

It's a precious memory I will never forget. Here I have met great friends and experienced my first Christmas in the US.

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