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Highlights and Challenges of Being an International Student

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

By Brandon Selistyo

August 17th, 2022, at 7:00 PM

No matter where you come from, being a student in a foreign country can be frightening, from beginning visa processes to being alone and adapting to a new culture. For international students coming to the United States, the living costs and tuition are high, and our individualistic culture forces students to rely on themselves. However, the nonprofit organization Atlanta Ministry with International Students, or AMIS, looks to turn these challenges into opportunities.

The mission of AMIS is to “promote cultural and global understanding through friendship and hospitality with international students and scholars in the greater Atlanta area.” Being alone is challenging, but AMIS creates chances to meet new people by creating special events to bring warmth and love for students to experience. They highlight getting out of your comfort zone in the best way possible, creating new friendships and experiences, and having the freedom to explore Atlanta and all its attractions.

It begins with the annual AMIS Welcome Event, where a vast diversity of people from different universities and American friends gather in one place. Afterward comes many American cultural events, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, where international students can experience and understand new festivities and cultures. Silly events like Easter Egg Hunts can be exciting to attend if you’ve never experienced them. Furthermore, Atlanta is a fantastic place to explore with AMIS. Exploring attractions like Ponce City Market, the Atlanta Beltline, and the Centennial Olympic Park can be an amazing experience and deepen relationships with new friends.

Adapting to a new culture doesn’t have to be frightening. It can be fun and exciting. Getting out of your comfort zone might mean doing things on your own, but being independent in a new country is an opportunity to be brave and constantly learn about other cultures and have the freedom to express yourself.



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