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Thank You!

Updated: May 1, 2020

This week, AMIS is celebrating “Volunteer Appreciation Week” because AMIS would not be possible without the time and friendships of our many volunteers.  You can see a video message and written expressions of appreciation from AMIS international students here.

On behalf of the AMIS staff, I would also like to express our tremendous gratitude. Volunteers have long been the driving force behind AMIS since it began in 1978, and we are thankful for each of the 220 people who served in the past academic year, as well as the many hundreds who have opened their hearts and homes to international students in the past. Because of you, thousands of international students have had their lives enriched by American friends during their time in Atlanta for over 40 years. 

Last week, I had the honor of listening to stories of one long-time volunteer who has been matched with 30 Amigos and hosted 19 Christmas International Students in her home over the past 15+ years. She says, when she watches the news, she no longer sees countries, but the faces of friends. Another volunteer said that they gain much more than they give through their friendships with international students. As I received notes of gratitude from students, I know the friendships are mutual. 


Our way forward is filled with question marks, but I am thankful for the support AMIS has from so many dedicated volunteers who will walk with us into a “new normal” of engaging in friendship and hospitality with International Students no matter what changes the future brings.

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