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When a Meal is Shared

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Something happens when a meal is shared. Recently, AMIS hosted 27 people, many strangers, from 10 different countries, spanning three generations in a home near GT.

Some we know well. It is like seeing family. Others are new, and we will find family in them, too. People are greeted warmly as they exclaim over traffic and directions. Food is placed on tables. Everyone gathers in a circle. Gratitude is expressed. Plates are passed with smiles. "Where are you from?" "What did you bring?" "How long are you studying here?" "Tell me about your family." As the evening progresses we learn about each other. Some like to talk. Some like to listen. Some just need to be given space to share.

When a meal is shared, we are no longer strangers. We are friends, connected by the common bonds that all humans share-- we are people who feel all the feels-- whether from Nigeria, Kazakhstan, or Atlanta, GA.

For over 40 years, Americans have had the honor of taking part in the lives of international students through AMIS. For many students their friendship with an American "Amigo" made a powerful impact on their lives both in American and when they moved on from their studies. Join us!

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