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Our Invitation

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

In two weeks, AMIS has been to seven campuses and spoken to 10 different groups of International Scholars. Amidst days of orientation and pizza lunches, what do we say? We say we are glad you are here. We tell students about the opportunities AMIS has to offer and how they can get involved. Students are encouraged to "bloom where they are planted" and accept the gift of friendship.

It is exciting to work with International Student Advisers as we welcome students and scholars to America. In the office, flyers are being printed, talks are polished, plans are carefully detailed. We are getting ready to partner students and volunteers in our Amigo Friendship program (it's not too late to sign up)!

Our invitation to you is to sign up! Be a volunteer to welcome and befriend students. Students, take advantage of the opportunity to be welcomed into an American home.

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