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Welcoming and Connecting

On Thursday, Aug. 1, AMIS had the honor of welcoming 24 International Student Advisers (ISA) representing 10 of Metro Atlanta's Colleges and Universities to a luncheon. Advisers joined together with AMIS volunteers and board members with a shared passion. Everyone was encouraged by the opportunity to share, listen, and connect.

AMIS shared stories of friendship and hospitality. After volunteering nearly 30 years with AMIS, Nadeen shared stories of deep and lasting friendships. Knowing how it feels to be a stranger in another country, ISA John Fox from GSW, shared the positive impact of AMIS on his students. AMIS's Executive Director, Rev. Irene Wong, shared the journey of AMIS and visions for the future; a future where we join hands to welcome and support students. AMIS's Board President, Kirk Keene, reminded us that it is by only by "walking together and talking together that we will find peace"*.

There are over 16,000 students and scholars in our city, and AMIS's mission is to "promote cultural understanding through friendship and hospitality with international students and scholars in the Greater Atlanta area". We want EVERY student and scholar to have the opportunity to call an American a friend. Won't you consider joining AMIS and the International Student Advisers as we "welcome the stranger"...strangers who are only friends we haven't met yet?

*Walk together, talk together, all you nations in the world. Only then shall we have Peace. 

-Ancient Sanskrit Proverb, AMIS's Motto

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